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AR Builder is a website that lets you build, publish, and update your own augmented reality mobile apps.

Don't pay until you have built and previewed your app with our
easy to use online system.
Augmented reality and mapping conceptual image.

Augmented Reality and Location Capable

Make your app stand out from the crowd with cutting edge AR image recognition and location features.
Point and click wizard conceptual image.

Easy to use point and click web interface.

Upload your own branded content. Use our drag and drop cloud interface to quickly design the layout and color scheme of your app. Publish your app to the app store at the click of a button!
App update conceptual image.

Update your app anytime, anywhere.

Use our website to update the look and feel or your app, or your targets at any time of the day. Add new targets online, or download our free Pin Pointer app to update & view your targets on the go.
Social networking conceptual image.

Engage your users socially.

Empower your users to share your targets on hundreds of popular social hubs with our built in social networking functionality.
Streaming content conceptual image.
Serve data instantly with our
streaming server.

Use our system to upload 3D content, audio, video, images, and documents, and attach them to your AR targets. Let our servers take care of converting file formats to mobile compatible ones.