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7 Years later - The iPhone still leads the way (2014-04-14)

June will mark the 7th anniversary from when the iPhone was first sold in the US. 7 years later Apple is still going strong. Even in the face of increasing competition especially from the Android ecosystem - iOS still manages to hold its ground; particularly in the USA.

Despite Android eclipsing iOS both in terms of global user base, and in terms the number of available apps, businesses are still compelled to launch with iOS apps before even considering the Android platform. To this note, many have claimed an iOS victory in the app wars. While Android does have the upper hand in terms of sheer numbers; many of these apps are kitschy keyboard extensions, app launchers, or wall apps etc… Whereas in contrast, the iTunes app store is widely regarded as the place to go for mobile apps of a consistent quality.

In either case, the iOS platform continues to thrive. Much of this can be attributed to the continued surge of mobile technology in general - as demonstrated by app store downloads nearly doubling between 2012 and 2013. In particular, mobile growth is more prevelant in app usage rather than mobile browsing. Some analysts suggest however that beyond the mobile surge in general - Apple’s winning formula is forging it’s own destiny; to the extent where it has been predicted that 68% of Americans will own an iPhone by 2017, by which time Gartner predicts that the mobile app insdustry will generate $77 billion in revenue annually!