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Augmented reality and real estate - A perfect match (2013-09-14)

For real estate business owners who want to succeed on the internet staying on the cutting edge is essential. From those who got in early on the .com boom to those who spearheaded search engine optimization, when a game changer comes along that could potentially affect the way the internet does business, pragmatic marketers tend to notice.

For the real estate industry, the immediate benefits of location based augmented reality are somewhat obvious. The technology demands outdoor points of interest - and the industry has lots of them. Beyond this, recent articles from industry hubs such as Real Estate Investing Canada, The Real Deal, and Pocket Lint outline some further advantages that the technology provides.

For example, ever had a potential client that you have a great place lined up for, but for some reason they don't even want to look at it? Augmented reality lowers the motivation barrier in these situations, as the client doesn't even have to step foot inside the listing. From a comfortable distance, clients can see video walkthroughs, look at interior pics, and up to the minute information on listings that they otherwise might not take a second look at.

Or maybe one of your clients is thinking about a different neighbourhood and happens to be there right now.. Maybe they want to take a look at some listings right now at the same time as experiencing the neighbourhood. The possibilities are vast.