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Augmented Reality Just Got
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Augmented Reality - The cutting edge (2013-09-14)

Since the early mobile augmented reality offerings that started to emerge in 2011, augmented reality (AR) has continued to gain steam. Augmented reality mobile apps are continuing to surface in many industries, and analysts are picking augmented reality as the next winner. Gartner research has listed augmented reality in their list of 'Top 10 Most Disruptive Technologies for 2012'.

Similarly, Juniper Research Group has recently produced a report on augmented reality detailing all of the big industry players, key growth areas, and strategic marketing areas.

Far from a fad - the future of augmented reality appears to be a bright one. In a recent Forbes article, Ray Kurzweil (renown futurist and director of engineering at Google) writes about his predictions for the future of technology and the significant part that augmented reality will play.

Clearly this is a technology with great expectations.

Aside from the immediate depth of information that augmented reality provides; such as the answers to questions like 'What does it look like?', 'What side of the street is it on?', 'Where is it in relation to me right now?'. Augmented reality fosters an affinity for points of interest in its users with the compelling use of technology that informs, whilst still allowing you to behold. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!