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More on AR (2014-04-14)

AR has already been touted as the 8th mass media (Tomi Ahonen - Former Nokia Exec), but what has it done for you lately? As anticipated - augmented reality continues to find new growth areas and practical applications, with some interesting case studies to boot! One great example is Volvo’s AR campaign for the S60 model which has elevated AR from gimmick to given with some impressive numbers: 192, 000 ad banner click throughs, and 290% website traffic increase to volvocars.com to name a few.

Resolution Tube is another company doing great work at the moment. Focusing on the field services market, Resolution Tube aims to provide a robust vehicle for technicians in a variety of fields to easily adapt to new products and platforms. In the medical industry, Augmedix is making inroads into "feeding the beast" as they put it. Essentially this amounts to integrating innovative technology such as Google Glass with EHR systems in order to streamline the enormous flow of information that physicians have to contend with on a daily basis.

The big boys continue to jump on board as well. IKEA has utilized AR in its largest print catalog in history with a total of 211 million copies. Aside from breathing new life into print media, the addition of AR provides interesting insights into adoption & ROI by providing usage analytics to marketers that were never available with pure print marketing campaigns.

A departure from the orthodox - there are also some great recent examples of creative applications of AR. Such as SeeSpace’s new technology which allows you to augment existing television and video feeds. Viewdle, a recent acquisition of Google allows the integration of facial recognition with social networking - so you might want to un-tag any of those embarrasing college photos before some viewdle toting stranger in the street manages to put a picture to your face!