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Q: What is AR Builder?
A: AR Builder is a website that lets you build, publish, and update your own mobile apps. Among other things, AR Builder allows you to offer location and augmented reality features to users of your apps. The platform is designed so that app builders don't have to know anything about computer programming, or own any special hardware or software. Just point and click inside your web browser

Q: What is Augmented Reality?
A: AR is a technology that enhances real world visuals by overlaying information about the things that you are currently looking at. Mobile devices are a perfect way to help you learn about the world around you in new and engaging ways. AR Builder offers two types of Augmented Reality that are merged into the same viewer:

  1. Location based augmented reality - uses GPS and other sensors to detect what you’re currently looking at based off of your current location.
  2. Vision based augmented reality - uses image recognition software to detect what you’re currently looking at.

Q: Can I try AR Builder before I pay?
A: Yes! Its free to sign up to AR Builder, once you are logged in you can use all of our content building and design tools and preview how your app will look and behave. You can also watch this video to learn more about how apps built using AR Builder look and feel.

Q: Can I charge users to download my app, or make advertizing revenue from my app?
A: Yes you can. AR builder allows you choose none, one, or both of these options. This way, your app can actually make you money - rather than cost you money!

Q: Will AR Builder take a percentage of my advertising and sales profits?
A: If you are including AR Builder inside your own existing app - we don't charge any percentage of your profits. If however you use AR Builder to build and pubish your whole app we do charge a commission. This is because we take care of publishing your app to the app store we also have to handle your money for you. Consequently we charge a 5% administrative fee on top of the regular app store commission.

Q: Can I customize the look and feel of my app?
A: Yes! AR Builder allows you to customize your app's home screen icon, your loading screen, your main menu, and more. If that's too much control for you, don't fret - we've got lots of great customizable themes to get you started. Or you can include AR Builder as a view within your existing app. We can even arrange to have a professional do it all for you!

Q: Does AR Builder’s augmented reality feature work for indoor and outdoor targets?
A: Yes, AR Builder’s software works indoors, and outdoors. However location based AR works better outdoors, as it requires GPS functionality.

Q: What are the main benefits of AR Builder compared to other products?
A: When compared to its competitors, AR Builder provides more of a premium product - by giving you your own branded app in the app store; rather than a section inside some generic platform. AR Builder also has some unique innovative tools and features, such as our free Pin Pointer app that lets you create, manage, and view your content on the go from your mobile device. There is no need for 3rd party accounts such as video hosting platforms, or app store developer licenses; you can access all functionality from the same site.

Q: What devices does AR Builder currently support?
A: AR Builder currently supports iOS and Android. Our software is built so it runs on the older models as well as the latest and greatest.